Frills, Florals and Curls on an Autumn day...

The weather in Madrid is getting a lot cooler now, not that I am complaining! I´m just not looking foward to when winter settles in and I constantly feel like I am on the verge of catching frost bite! lol So I am now trying to make the most of this agreeable weather, and get as much wear out of my summer peices as I possibly can! - Here is what I threw together to go to work this morning...

Taking these photos was a bit of a drama. I was fighting a fierce breeze and a seriously annoying fly that just refused to leave me alone! - Hence why my eyes are closed in the next photo in the "playground" park! lol 

 Yes! I am very patient! VERY patient!

I also recently got my hair cut and I´m not happy about it. I am so upset about loosing so much length! It´s actually about passed shoulder length when it´s wet or straightened, but when it´s curly, it shrinks a lot. I am trying to avoid straightening it as much as possible now though! I had to cut so much off because the ends where so dry and brittle from all the excessive washing and straightening! That, and a hairdresser didn´t know when to stop chopping hair off! Argh!

But I find it soooo hard to not straighten it! I just love how it feels when my hair is more long that it is short, and it´s silky smooth straight! And I can touch it, run my fingers through it, and just let it hang loose and frame my face. I don´t get any of that with it curly...

No worries though. I always have some kind of hair drama going on, and it grows back REALLY quickly... I just wish I didn´t feel like I have frumpy, granny hair now!

Hair aside, I think some silver statement jewellery would have worked with this outfit to add a bit of an edge and taken away some of the cuteness. I will keep that in mind for when I next wear this together again! Hehe!

White top: Lefties, 4 euros
Pink and purple floral skirt: H&M, about 10 euros
Tights: H&M, 100 denier, black, about 8-10 euros
Flat grey booties: 21.99, Modalisa
Long frilly waistcoat: H&M, 15.99 euros


Rebequita Rose

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