Doing Audrey...

I´d like to introduce you to my Audrey dress. I´ve actually had this for a little while now, but hadn´t got round to blogging about it until now.

And now for a random snapshot looking rather miserable!
I wore this dress on "Oscar Night". The next day the choldren were all like, "You looked so beautiful lastnight!" lol. - Yes, I wore my yellow cardy over this as well, lol. On the one hand I was flattered that the kids took time out to say that to me - They were teenagers as well, so I know they weren´t just "being nice", but on the other hand, it was nice to see that they could see that being plus size doesn´t have to equal frumpy!

Anyway, I am still knackered. I haven´t rested yet. Ended up in A&E with my mum today. She wasn´t feeling very well, and my being an empath didn´t help. So all in all, I feel physically tired, and emotionally drained!

I have more posts I really want to share with you guys! So please keep your eyes peeled!

Much love,

Rebequita Rose


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