My new TriColour top from Momu!!

This is one of those tops that I kept seeing in store, in the sales, and couldn´t decide if I liked it or not, so only got it a few days ago; but hadn´t worn it til today. 

Now its mine, I love it, and wonder why I didn´t get it sooner.

However, I made the mistake of wearing it with jeans. I thought I was going to die in the heat!

It seems today was filled with errors though! I completely wasted my time bothering to straighten my hair. It lasted about 3 seconds, before it frizzed and curled, which meant I had no choice but to tie it back.

I did however, decide to make an effort with my make-up, and it pretty much lasted all day! - Much longer than I expected it to! (Especially since each multi-coloured palettes I got the other day, only cost a euro each, lol)

As you can see in the photo above, today I mixed yellow, blue and grey eye-shadows

BecauseI have thick lips, I very rarely wear lipstick. Instead, I use subtle lipgloss. And if I do wear lipstick, I tend to keep my eyes almost bare, as I find that doing both is too much.

Speaking of make-up! People are forever complementing me on my make-up, and getting me to do theirs for them, so I´m planning to start doing make-up tutorials on here.

Until next time my dears, I hope you are all doing well!

Much luv,
Rebequita Rose

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