My new ethnic dress / Ethnic Tunic

Well, I put ethnic dress slash ethnic tunic in this blog posts title, but I don´t really know how to categorize the style of the pattern on this dress, or if its meant to be worn as a dress or a tunic.

But who cares about the technical stuff? I don´t! The important thing is that I like this thing seeing as I´m the one who is going to walking around in it. Whatever it is! And yes, I am brave enough to wear it as a dress, so I will!

I found this little gem in a little shop in Moncloa metro station, for 15 euros, (on sale). I think it was originally 30 euros. I had seen it on the rail, in a variety of colours, for quite a while, and liked it, but just assumed it wouldn´t fit me. Today, this was the last one in stock. Again, I didn´t think it would fit me, but decided to try it on anyway. What a surprised to find that it fit like a glove!

I also thought the arm shape would be unflattering on my chunky upper arms. Again, I was mistaken, as the photo below demonstrates...

Seriously, you guys have no idea how pleased I was to find that this thing fit me! And that I liked how it fit. As I was expecting the worse though, I originally threw it on over my jeans...

Personally, I like it both ways, but with sandals!

And yes! I was crazy happy to find this... garment, lol!

Isn´t that obvious yet? lol

Till next time, MWUAH!

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