The Good Girl in Red. - Or is it Orange?

First of all, I´d like to say WELCOME to all my new readers, and THANK YOU to all my readers for stopping by and reading my blog. I love you guys! Mwuah! ;-)

As for this look... I got this top in the sales at Promod this week, reduced from 17.95 euros, to about 7euros or so. I love the "rosette" detail, and the the shape of it at the ends...

I´m not a fan of "Bright" colours being teamed up with black as I find the contrast quite harsh and unpleasant to the eye, (or at least my eyes), so I chose to wear this top with my white linen trousers.

(Just for the record, I´m not a fan of that photo!!)

I thought this combination looked OK in the mirror before I headed out, but after looking at the photos, I´m not so sure I like this look. I think it looks a bit "Mumsy" and boring. I´m also still really unhappy with my haircut, even if my hair does grow very quickly, and its not as short at the back as it is at the front!

I just think it suits me so much more when its a bit longer!

Oh well. We live and learn I guess. Afterall, things could be worse. I could always have no hair at all, or hair that doesn´t grow. And, I could also have worn something worse! Especially in this heat! So I can´t really complain!

Anyway, until next time my dears, this is all from me.

Much love and best wishes to you all,

Rebequita Rose


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