Cataluña calling!!

Hey guys! How are you? I hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer! 

I´ve just arrived in Cataluña. I got the night bus to Barcelona from Madrid, and then headed to a small town two hours away by train. I´m here for work, not on holiday, but I am hoping to get away for a day during the weekend to go around Barcelona for a bit! 

So far, I´ve managed to pick up a few words of catalan, (yes, even though Cataluña is part of Spain, the catalans have their own language and their own national identity, and most also speak spanish), and I´ve only been here a few hours! - Plus I´m surrounded by other english people! Let´s see if I become fluent by the end of my two weeks here! lol.- Did I ever tell you guys that I am actually quarter catalan myself?

Anyway, I´m going to try my best to keep the OOTD posts happening over these next two weeks that I will be in Cataluña, but if I am a naughty blogger, and I start to slack, please forgive me!

Here are a few photos I found of Barcelona on the web today to show you guys; (Links of sources under each image. No copyright infringement intended)

Barcelona Rambla

Barcelona at night
Two things I really want to see, are La Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell. I remember studying Gaudi at uni, and ever since I have been in love with Gaudi´s architecture! Sadly, I haven´t had the opportunity to see them in person yet. Fingers crossed, I might get away for long enough to make it happen this time!
Much love, 

Rebequita Rose

Mwuah! xoxoxox
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