Animal passion...

Animal prints are one of those things that are not part of my usual style, but I have started dablling in them over the last few months.

I got this animal print skirt from H&M weeks ago. It only cost 7.95 euros, but I really love it. Here is how I wore it last time I wore it. I had been to a park in Madrid with a group of friends, and one of them who works in television, behind the camera, took these photos for me, bless him!

I normally do accessorize with a scarf, and that day was no different, but as it got warmer, the scarf became too much, so it ended up being a headband.

On a totally unrelated note, I found a bikini that fits like a glove. I wore it to the beach the other day. I am planning to do the blog post on it asap. I´m just really busy right now. I´m still in Cataluña working, and this place never stops!

I´m busy teaching teenagers english at a summer school. At first I dreaded it, as I am used to working with children and adults, not the inbetweenies who have a reputation for being a handful. Then I got here and realized they are alright. There is never a dull moment in this place, and there are themed parties everynight. So far in the last week and a half, I have dressed up as a "chinese person", a 50s rock n roll diva, an 80s all black plus neon "dancer"; (although I backed out of the dance thing as I very poor c-ordination when it comes to dance)... Also, sadly my laptop isn´t on-line out here, and my cameras memory card is full, so I am going to be slow with posts, but I will try my best when I grab a moment, to keep you guys updated!

I hope you guys are all well!
Until next time,
Take care!

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