VIDEO BLOG : The night I sang with María Blanco from the band Mäbu, at the Buho Real Bar in Madrid!

Gosh! Where do I start? A few weeks back, María Blanco, lead singer of the band Mäbu, and Txarlie Solano, (pronounced Charlie, also a member of Mäbu), invited me to sing with them at one of their gigs. It was very unexpected, but also really exciting! Then on Sunday, (4th July), I had the honour and pleasure of sharing the stage of the Buho Real Bar with María and Txarlie, singing two songs! One was a composition of mine, and the other was a cover. YEAY!

Here is one of several photos of us on stage together!

It was the first time they have ever invited someone who is not part of their band to perform with them as well, so I felt doubly honoured and flattered! That said, being their first invitee, and not being a full time professional singer/musician like them, I felt the added pressure of wanting to do my best because I didn´t want to make them look bad by giving anything less than 110%! - (Even though they couldn´t have been nicer to me and didn´t pressure my in any way at all). AND! We didn´t start rehearsing for that gig til that same day! Hehe! Now add to that that it has been a dream of mine to perform at the Buho Real since I discovered it last autumn! I never thought it would actually happen though, as I don´t have a band out here, or a fan-base, which makes it next to impossible for any venue to give you a spot to perform out here! - I will be forever grateful to María and Txarlie for their invite, as without them I think it would have been impossible to make that dream come true! God bless them!

Here is one of the videos...

Here we were singing my song, "Tell me Baby". Txarlie was on keyboard, and María did harmony and ad-libbing on the middle 8. The other song we sang was "Que Sera Sera", which I will hopefully be able to upload the video of soon! ´It took me all night and a day to get this video to upload without any errors! So please be patient with me with the "Que Sera Sera" video xox

Yes, I know! I was sooooo nervous just before I started singing! Funny thing was, that after it was all over, I did think to myself, "What was there to be so afraid of? Nobody was going to try and kill me!" lol Like I´ve said before though, I am quite shy, but I love and enjoying singing so much, that once the song starts to come out, its almost as if I forget that I am on stage and that there are people in fornt of me, watching me and listening to me... Wierd, huh!

Here are some photos we took togehter after the gig...

And YES! It was heaps of fun!

For those of you who don´t know, María Blanco (as I said previously), is the lead singer of the band Mäbu. Here is their official music video for their song "Hallo".

And a video with photos from the making of the video...

It looked like so much fun!

Isn´t María just adorable! Not only is she beautiful inside and out, but she also has the prettiest voice and lots of great uplifiting songs! And yes, both she and Txarlie really are lovely people in "real life"!

About Mäbu

If you´d like to hear more of their music their myspace is:
Make sure you bookmark their myspace so you can always check in and have a dose of their positive vibes and happy sounding music! They also have a facebook fan page, which is at:!/pages/Mabu/104264955223 Their first EP is also available for sale on iTunes; (as well at their gigs in CD format), and there are also lots of videos from her live gigs on YouTube made by fans. Here are two examples of such videos

About the Clothes

Now, as this blog is essentially about fashion, not music, I thought I´d touch a bit on what was worn as well. I have no idea where María´s clothes were from, (and frankly, it wasn´t something we spoke about too much as we were all much more concerned about how we sounded than how we looked). In hindsight I do wish I had asked her though, as she did look really cool! I loved her t-shirt and the girliness of her skirt! But for now, I will just have to tell you about what I wore...

I did something I rarely do. I wore black from head to toe.

Why? - Because it wasn´t my gig. It was María´s/Mäbu´s! - I was invited by them to sing a song or two with them during their gig. Not the other way around. Therefore, I wasn´t going to wear anything showy or bright coloured out of respect. I know they say the music industry is a nasty and comptetive world where everyone is out for themselves, and I´m not going to say there is no truth in that. However, I would like to point out that some of us actually are genuinely nice people with morals and we are not all out to steal the limelight from other fellow musicians! I´m just grateful to have had the opportunity to perform with them and sing at the Buho Real! - I still remember being at music colllege, and being told to always ask what colour the background of a stage was and to not wear that same colour. The idea behind that, is to avoid blending into the background visually. Usually, I would follow that advice, but on this ocassion I wanted to visually blend into the background on purpose. 

So here is what I wore:

Plain black three quarter length sleeve top with slightly puffy upper sleeves - 4 euros (Lefties)
Plain black skirt with elasticated waist and could probably fit someonw twice my size - 7 euros (H&M, sale)
Bronze coloured long neclace with engraved design and little "crystals" - 1 euro (H&M, sale)
Bronze butterfly ring - 4.95 euros (H&M)
Rose Ring . 12 euros (Tierra)
Plain Black ballet pump - about 8 or 9 euros (Random shoe shop)
Grey cycling shorts with lace trimming worn under skirt as comfort shorts - 3 euros (H&M, sale)

I also kept my hair and make-up simple. I applied a thin line of black liquid eye-liner (with a bit of a cat tail at the ends), Mascara, blusher, and lip gloss (which I might as well not bothered with seeing as it lasted a split second on my lips). María doesn´t normally wear much make-up, but she liked how I did my eye make-up, so I did hers as well very quickly, just before leaving her house, (late). Unfortunately our make-up doesn´t really show in any of the photos I have :( Its such a shame though, cos it came out really nice, and it really brought out the greeness of her eyes! Still, I know lots of people took lots of photos though, so if any of those photos ever fall into my hands and the make-up shows up clearly, I´ll see if I can post them up here at a later date!

And finally... Last but nots least!!

 I have to send out another huge, massive thank you to María and Txarlie for inviting me to sing with them and make my dream of ever singing at the Buho Real a reality! And also a big thank you to Luis Miguel Ugia García for giving me permission to use the photos he took of us in action for my blog! (The other photos were taken with my camera, as was the video).

Until next time my lovelies,
Much luv,

Rebequita Rose


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