A two-faced Londoner in Madrid having a laugh!

Check out my two faces! Ta-daaaaaaaaaaa!

Ok, so I have to confess. This top isn´t new. I´ve had it for months now, but I very rarely wear it, so it might as well be brand new.

I got it from Promod when I´d been wanting one of these long tops with a face printed on it for ages, but couldn´t find one anywhere that fit me properly, until I found this one, which I instantly fell in love with!

I refer to it as "two-faced" because when one of my friends saw me wearing it for the first time, she said, "Hello two-faced" - She was joking in reference to my top, hehe!


An old friend and uni classmate who I hadn´t seen in two years was in town on wednesday night, and we got together for a good old catch-up, some laughs and some tapas around Sol! I had to dash out in a rush, and I honestly couldn´t think of anything to wear! But sometimes last minute throw-ons work.

I also saw an opportunity to wear this black and pink animal print scarf I got from a random chinos last summer out here in Madrid, for a euro! Again, its something I rarely wear, but I like how it all came together... I didn´t think it would work, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Thing is, long baggy tops with leggings are not something I would usually pick out to wear. Mainly because I have a bit of a pet hate for clothes and styles that remind me of old-school fat girl clothes. The kind that are just long, baggy and boring, designed to hide a fat body, instead of flattering and celebrating it! For some reason, when I saw this on, I didn´t think it looked like that... What do you guys think? Do you know the look I am referring to?
Sunglasses are another thing I don´t wear very often. I have never understood people who say they feel protected when they wear sunglasses. I love looking around in the summer sunshine and seeing all the bright colours. I really hate how dark everything looks from behind sunglasses, so I usually end up wearing sunglasses as a headband, and only put them on when the sun truly is unbearably bright!

Still, I thought I´d throw them as part of the accessories I wore with this outfit, for this blog!

I also wanted to share my friends t-shirt with you guys, as it totally made me smile! I thought it was such a cool tee! Don´t you guys agree?

If you´re wondering why his full face isn´t in any of these photos, it´s because he didn´t want his face photographed for my blog, haha. He had been in Madrid on a business trip prior to us meeting up, (I know, we sound so old, but we aren´t really), and he had barely had any (proper) sleep all week! He felt a rather tired, and thought he looked it too, but he soooo didn´t! Still, I respect his wishes, and won´t be sharing his beautiful face with any of you here... (sorry)

By the way, if anyone has no idea what tapasa are, and is wondering what they are... check these photos out!

Or at least that´s what tapas are like at 100 montadítos!

Anyway, it turned out we ordered too much food, and ended up giving what was left to the people sitting at the table next to ours! lol
And that my lovelies, is all from me for now!

If you´d like to see a live video recording of myself singing with María Blanco, lead singer of the band Mäbu, either check out my previous blog post, or please click here to be re-directed to the video of it on my YouTube Channel!

Thanks for checking that out in advance! 

All my luv,
Rebequita Rose


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