Swimsuit Post

I´ve been wanting to do a swimwear post for a while now, but I´ve been putting it off simply because I don´t have any exciting swimwear. And yes, I do know that there is absolutely nothing revolutionary, exciting or interesting about a girl in a plain black one peice swimsuit, especially if she is plus sized! Still, I spent the afternoon sitting by a pool in my new black all in one peice swinsuit with friends today, and so I thought I´d blog about it anyway!

If I´m completely honest, I´m not a fan of this swimsuit. It´s an H&M swimsuit which I bought it a few weeks back as an "emergency", after a friend invited me to an all night pool party at her boyfriend´s friend´s house, and my other swimsuit was a bit big on me.

Right now, I am actually dying to own a bikini that fits me! I haven´t worn a bikini since I was about three years old, and it´s always been one of those things I have always felt I "can´t" wear simply because I am a big girl. Only now I realize how silly that is. The fact is, I can wear whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want, on MY body! And if someone else doesn´t like the sight of me in a bikini, or any other garment for that matter, then they can place their gaze elsewhere. So, I am now going to start my hunt for the "perfect" bikini! Although something tells me it won´t be that easy in Madrid. But a girl can try! - Either way, baby steps for me for now though. I don´t quite feel brave enough to start sporting spaghetti straps and thong style bikins just yet! lol

Until next time my lovelies,
Much luv and best wishes from me to you!



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