Live Jazz with Black & White Polka Dots

Lastnight I threw this on last minute to go to a Jazz bar on Calle Huertas with the friend of a friend´s friend who was on holiday in Madrid for a week until tommorow.

The band was really good and the vibe was very lively. I´d recommend the place to others, especially since it´s free entry and the band is live. However, the drinks were at the pricey end, so you´ve been warned! Still, that said, if you are big-time music lover, it will be worth it!

All in all, this was a casual yet girly combination, which was confortable to wear.
I have this skirt in plain black (2), purle and grey floral (1), and with small white polka dots (2). I wear them as high waisted skirts as I find they are most flattering on my high-waisted apple shape torso.

I´m not happy with my hair at the moment. I got it cut quite recently, and I´m hating how short it is! But my hair grows very quickly, so I just have to be patient and wait for it to grow back over the next few weeks. I´m wearing it curly almost all of the time now, (despite not feeling too comfortable with that). Partly because its so hot that I will probably melt to death under the hairdryer and the hot sun. And partly because it has to grow out healthy, and no matter how careful you are about heated styling, your hair is never fully protected from the damamge caused by hot hair appliances.

And that my lovlies, is all from me for tonight.
Lots of luv,

Rebequita Rose!


Top: Lefties: 4 euros. Skirt: H&M: 3 euros on sale Leggings: Evans Shoes: Plain black ballet style pumps
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