Styling my Jarems to suit this cold-wet June weather! (Denim Harem Pants)

I really felt like wearing my Jarems yesturday, but I also knew sandals weren´t an option as it was too cold and wet for that. (The weather out here in Madrid has gone from skorching hot to freezing cold and wet overnight). 

However, I didn´t think harem pants looked right with anything other than sandals. But I decided, despite that, to see how it would look with boots. I was expecting it to look plain hideous, but I was pleasantly surprised... This look may not be everyones cup of tea. I thought I looked a bit like a farmer or something, but I still liked it anyway, and it was mega, mega comfy! - Funnily enough, when the weather got really hot, I almost threw these boots out, as they look old and over-worn. Thank God I didn´t though, else I´d´ve been stuck with cold wet feet! lol

I had straightened my hair with the blowdryer earlier on in the day before going to run some errands to save time later on, as I had a birthday party to go to in the evening and knew I wouldn´t have much time to spend fiddling with my hair between coming home and having to go out again. So I pinned it up into a cute messy bun, adorned with two simple flowers for running my errands. Then I just ran the flat iron through it for the evening to create a super straight, sleek, silky look for the birthday party.

The two other ways I have matched these harems are:

All three looks are very casual, but at the same time, completely different and totally comfortable!

As you can see, these photos are blurry, so I finally took the camera back to shop I bought it from so they could pass it on to the technician to see if the camera is faulty, or just plain poor quality, seeing as no matter what I did, or how I adjusted the settings, the photos never came out clear. I am a bit annoyed with that stores customer services though, as the shop assistant was a tad bit rude and I couldn´t be given a time frame for when I would get a call letting me know what was happening!

Anyway, I feel wierd not having a camera. But hopefully, it won´t be for too long!

Like I said before, I do have "back-log" photos to use for blogs in the meantime, so I will posting stuff. It just won´t be OOTD posts or anything like that, until I have a fully functioning camera! lol

As for what I wore to the birthday party, it was something really cute and girly. If I can get my mits on any of my friends photos from lastnight, I´ll ask if they´ll be kind enough to let me use them for my blog, but my friends are quite slow at downloading photos and passing them on! So please be patient with me... lol

So what did you make of the Harem Pants with boots?
Hit or Miss?

Much luv,
Rebequita Rose


Brown Vest Top - El Corte Inglés
Pale pink top with lace detail - H&M
Denim harem pants - H&M
Brown Scarf - Bershka
Brown boots - Same old same old from pervious blog posts
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