OOTN : Live Music and Bright Colours all at once, and I´m in heaven...

Anyone who knows me, know that my number one passion in life is music!  

I really need to get a band together out here, and start gigging again, but it´s so much easier said that done...

I can pretty much appreciate most types of music and so I spend a lot of time (and money) on going to gigs out here in Madrid. To me, nothing beats the magic of live music.

Music is my heroine.

Last friday, a friend and I went Antonio J. Ferrer´s birthday gig, at my favourite live music venue out here so far, El Buho Real. I didn´t have much time to get ready, and I wasn´t in a dress up mood anyway. However, I was in the mood to wear lots of colour, so I threw on my new strappless, brightly multi-coloured tribal-meets-floral-dress, and teamed it up with an old belt, as the dress hangs squarely without something to pull it in.

I know... I look rather yellow in these photos... right?
I promise you, I am in no way related to the Simpsons.
That new camera just takes really bad night shots from a distance.

The night was really, really, hot! So I ended up taking of my little short sleeved cardy, and just wearing the dress on its own.

The heat was unbearable

It´s a miracle that you can actually see colour in this shot!

Oh, and why am I a week late with this post?

There was some sort of error with the phone line and internet at my house since the weekend. The error couldn´t be fixed, as the phone company only send people out to fix these sorts of things during regular work hours, and everyone at my house has a regular hours day job. - Myself included! In the end, our landlord had to take time out of his day to come over to our place, and let the phone company guy in and watch over him whilst he fixed the problem. Bless him.

Anyway, I´m going to stop rambling now, and just get on with uploading the posts I have been wanting to upload and hadn´t been able to! LOL

Much luv,

Rebequita Rose


Dress - Moncloa metro stop clothes shop - 11.99euros
Sandals - (red) From Evans last year - can´t remember the price
Short sleeved cardy - H&M BB section years ago - can´t remember the price

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