New Camera vs. Old Camera

Oh boy...! On Sunday night, my camera died on me unexpectedly. I wasn´t happy at all! - Now, please don´t get me wrong.  I don´t consider myself to be a photographer of any sort, but I do love capturing the moment from behind the lense. Anyone who knows me knows I will photograph everyone and everything! So when my camera started displaying moving stripes and didn´t let me browse through the images stored on my memory card, I felt bizarrely uncomfortable and a bit heartbroken. I needed to get a new camera. So I did today.

My old camera had 7.5 mega pixels. I´m sure I read somewhere at some point that a higher the mega pixel count, meant clearer, better quality photos... My new camera has 12 mega pixels. I thought I was replacing and upgrading. Now I´m not so sure... I took a couple of test shots, and they´re not very clear at all, unlike the photos I would take with my old camera. (Even if recently if it had been taking blurry photos when it took the fancy to)!

According to the author of a website I found this afternon - (click here to see it for yourselves if you are interested) - the relation between image quality and mega pixels is pure myth! So for now, I´m going to play around with the cameras settings and try to find time to take some practice shots this week and see how it goes. If all the photos come out unclear, I´m going to go and get my money back! - I have 15 days to make my mind up!

In the meantime, I am going to dig out some old photos for blogs I´ve been wanting to post for ages now, but never had the time to get round to! Here is the first and most recent "set" to come...

I got this dress about a week and a half ago, from a little shop in Majadahonda, on Majadahonda´s Gran Vía. It only cost 25 euros, which is very cheap for that area. I was in two mind about this dress but I´m glad I got it. It reminds me of 20s fashions. I have a few ideas of how to "recycle" this dress... but I´ll get into that another day! :)

And if you´re wondering about the quality of photos that are emerging from my new camera, here is a snippet...

Yes, I know, I look miserable. I was. I´m not one to hide her feelings. It´s really hot out here at the moment. Feels more like summer that spring. I was exhausted and had a nasty headache. I really wasn´t in the mood for smiling. I just wanted to get home, shower, take some painkillers and rest.

Until next time, much luv,

Rebequita Rose



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