In search of Harems and finding Jarems - Can I call them that?

I´ve noticed some people calling jeans-leggings, jeggings, so I figured it would be OK to call these denim harems, Jarems...

It hadn´t been a big deal to me, but I had kind of wanted a pair of harem pants for a while now. I wasn´t constantly thinking about it, but everytime I wondered into a shop, I seemed to find myself in the fitting trying a pair on. But none seemed to suit me...

Early on in my hunt, I found these in H&M. They were about 9.95euros (I think).

I wasn´t too impressed by the colour, or the material, and they looked absolutely awful on from the back!

I already wasn´t a fan of the colour or the material before deciding to try it on, but I decided to go for it, as I am big believer in trying things as, most things look completely different on, to how they look on the hanger

Fast forward a few days, if not a bit longer, and I come across denim harems in H&M at the La Vaguada shopping centre branch, which to me, are really, really nice! 

The biggest size they had was a 42, and I was sure it was going to be too small. But I went for it, and tried them on anyway!

I was totally shocked to find that they fitted!

Yes, I know, I am wearing high waisted, but I like the fit this way.

And I don´t think it looks completely disasterous from behind either... Especially with a slightly long top...

And that green top?

It´s actually an assymetrical dress I got from H&M´s BB section about a year ago, but rarely wear it. I just tied up up in a knot at the front.


I might even start going out wearing this dress as a knotted top... lol

Here is how I "styled" my new Jarmes the other day!

Nothing too exciting, I know, lol. But I can´t even begin to explain how comfy this outfit was!

Until next time,
Much luv,

Rebequita Rose


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