I´m fat, I wear leggings AND I sing. - So what?

This how my chunky legs look in leggings!

And believe me, I have no intention of giving up my leggings, no matter what anyone else has to say about it!

Ok, ok, I know! I´m late with this bit of news! But... I´ve only just noticed a few bloggers blogging about a group on facebook which is against fat girls in leggings. That group is just plain pathetic, as I´m sure you´ll most probably agree! Afterall, if the only group someone can think of creating on facebook, is a fat-girls-in-leggings-hate-group, they clearly don´t get out much. And can you imagine how time consuming it must have been to search on-line for images of fat girls in leggings, then "steal" them and then upload them onto the groups photo album on facebook!? Someone clearly had a lot time to kill! Again, pathetic. Not to mention the fact that there are many more pressing and important issues in the world to protest about!

Either way, I say, IGNORE THEM! You can never keep everyone happy. Most of the time, you´re dammed if you do, and dammed if you don´t. Why? Because there will always be someone who will critcise and disapprove of what you do, whilst there will always be someone else who will praise you over the exact same thing. It´s called life. Just get on with it. Do whatever makes you happy. Be whoever makes you happy, because as the saying goes, those who matter, don´t care, and those who do, don´t matter!

Speaking of being ourselves, I´ve decided to really push it this summer in regards to my music.

For those of you who don´t know I sing, here´s a little video of me performing one of my own compositions back in London for a charity event organized by Miss Ecuador UK, who invited me to support her cause! We had never met before the night of the gig, but she is a really lovely girl and the this particular night is a very memorable one!

Here is the full band version of that same song at a gig we did at the Cavendish Arms Ballroom

I´ll keep you guys updated if there are any novelites in regards to my music.

I stil don´t know what is happening with my new camera! I´ll give them until next week to call me. If I haven´t heard from them, I´ll start to mak enquiries!

Until next time my lovlies, much luv,
Rebequita Rose



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