How it is right now...

As most of you guys know, I´ve been having camera issues since previous camera died on me. I thought I had got a bargain when I got a new one, but I was wrong. It just takes really poor quality blurry photos in general, it takes appauling night shots, and really bad photos from a distance as well. I am now fed-up of giving it the benefit of the doubt - so to speak! I have played around with it over the last few days and I am not happy! No matter what I do, the photos are of a poor quality. To me, they look like webcam photos! I don´t have time or money that I can afford to waste. So it has to go back. I want a refund! However, no camera, means no "recent" up-to-date blog photos. All is not lost though! I have a whole load of "back-log" blog ideas that I took photos for, but never got round to posting. So I will get those up asap.

I also have a few interviews lined up with some very succesful and inspirational plus size women who are currently very active in the size acceptance movement! So my actual blogging won´t stop just yet!

Until my next blog post,
Much luv,

Rebequita Rose

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