DIY - My first ever...

This outfit was ideal for those extremely hot days we had been experiencing out her in Madrid, until very recently... (Yes, my hair was wet when I took this photo)... :)

However, believe it or not, this skirt, (which I totally love), started life as a halter-neck maxi-dress.

But the bust bit didn´t fit as it was too small.

But I loved it so much... I took a close look at the stitching, and quickly realized, I could easily remove the halter-neck bit, and convert it into a beautiful maxi-skirt. Once I figured a way to make this thing work for me, I was not going to leave the shop without it. Especially for just 9 euros!

I´m just in love with the pattern of this material!

I´m glad I got it now!

Yes, I know, removing something from something isn´t the most exciting DIY blog post. But this is a girl who doesn´t DIY on items of clothing out of fear of destroying them. This time, I did it, and I´m happy with result I got! Woo!

Much luv,

Rebequita Rose.


Vest top: Zara - about 8euros
Dress-skirt - Little shop in Moncloa Metro
Belt: Blanco Accessories, about 2.50euros on sale with a 50% discount
Red Sandals: Evans, from last summer. (Can´t remember the price)
Bandolero bag: I´ve had this bag for at least five years now. Can´t remember the price.

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