The cutest bunny-wabbit Tee!

Look what I found yesturday at Lefties!

The tee itself is very plain, but that rabbit is just far, too, cute!

It reminded me of the illustrations in the Beatrix Potter books I used to read as a child...

Did any of you guys reading my blog now, read Beatrix Potter books as a child?

Liking it purely for the sake of the rabbit drawing wasn´t incentive enonugh for me. Besdies, the rabbit got lost in the creases of the top with even the slightest movement, and I´m not going to buy something where the nicest part of it needs to constantly be "readjusted" - so to speak - in order for me to like it. I did like the sleeves though! And the way it comes off the shoulder on one side. But still, decent sleeves and coming off the shoulder on one side, were not incentive enough for me. Let´s face it, if it were not for that rabbit, this tee wouldn´t have much going for it, and I most probably would not have tried it on, unless I specifically wanted/needed a very plain and boring top! So I decided not to get it (at least not there and then)!
If anyone else wants to purchase one though, go ahead! Be my guest. I tried on the XL, and if my memory serves me right, it cost 8euros. - I´m still tempted to go get it though... lol

Much love,

Rebequita Rose


T-Shirt: Lefties, 8 euros
Purple leggings: A gift from a friend who purchased them in the USA (NY I think)
Boots: Same old brown boots from previous blogs.

PS: Why am I wearing boots if it was skorching hot out here? - Because it WAS! - It´s now cold, wet and horrible again! And us brits complain about english weather! The grass is so not greener on the otherside weather-wise! lol
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