Another Linea Cero dress...

Yesturday I wore this!

I actually bought this dress about a week ago (roughly). I couldn´t blog about it before due to my current lack of a camera, (remember?). Luckily for me, a friend has lent me theirs for a few days, so I thought I´d share...


The weather has warmed up, but the mornings are still a bit chilly, so today I "warmed it up", so to speak.
Last time I wore this dress, I put a navy blazer over it and then belted it all together. Unfortunately, I don´t have any photos of that look right now).
Anyway, as you can pretty much tell from the photo above, yesturday I teamed it up with a brown scarf (which I took off as the day heated up), a long but thin navy cardy, a navy belt, navy leggings (sadly, as I think the leggings looked bad, but they kept the morning chill at bay), my good ol´brown boots, and of course, my brown satchel bag! - Everyone in Madrid seems to have one of these! - I still haven´t tired of mine...

Call me silly, but I seriously love how long this scarf is...
This outfit is so comfy to wear as well!
I was a happy bunny yesturday!
And no, I didn´t wear any make-up.

The things I love about this dress are...

The fabric and the flowers on it...
...the shape, the smock back, and the overall shape of the dress!

What I don´t like, is how it looks without a belt. It´s really unflattering! lol

I instantly fell in love with this dress when I found it. It´s the sort of thing I can just throw on when I´m in a rush and can´t think of what to wear, but at the same time, I still want to wear something cute and girly. - Even if its just to do something as simple as going to read a book in the park or something.

Speaking of reading books, I´m currently reading England´s mistress : The Infamous Life of Lady Hamilton, by Kate Williams.

I´ve actually had this book for ages, and I have no idea why I didn´t read it sooner!. I´m really enjoying it! Has anyone else read this book?

Dress: Linea Cero, 18 euros / Thin navy cardy: Can´t remember / Navy leggings: Can´t remember
/ Flat brown boots: Random shop in Madrid / Brown satchell bag: Was a gift / Scarf: Bershka, about 7 or 8 euros I think

Until next time,

Much luv´,

Rebequita Rose



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