To be, or not to be? That is the question... HELP!! - I´d like your advice!

Ok, so for a while now I´ve been wanting one of these almost "nude" tone coloured tops, preferably with a lace detail. But until today, I hadn´t found anything that I liked... What do you guys make of this?

I thought it was pretty on the hanger, but that it would look terrible on. Then I put it on, and thought it wasn´t that bad... I actually liked it... a lot...

But I´m totally in love with its lace detail...
But on the other hand, I try to avoid buying things that I know I won´t get much wear out of... And I can´t think of what I would go it with, other than a black skirt, jeans, and MAYBE, my little floral skirt from H&M which has some peach-colour going on, and which was one reasons why I wanted a top in this colour...

I´ll keep you guys posted! And if anyone does get to read this post before tommorow morning, (spanish time) please leave a comment or opinon! lol


There were two other items I completely dediced against...

I thought this was nice and interesting looking, with a shape that would be flattering. I was wrong! Instead, it hung off me, shapelessly!

So I decided to see how it would look with a belt... Oh boy!

I think there was some improvement, just not enough for my liking. I also didn´t feel like paying almost 20 euros for what was literally a peice of fabric with nothing special about it, and which didn´t flatter me in anyway! So no to that!
I think this jacket is totally cute, but also ly wrong for my body shape from the back sadly! :(

And that´s pretty much it from me for tonight.

Please remember to let me know your thoughts on that lace top and I will let you guys know if/when I get it, lol.

Much luv,

Rebequita Rose



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