Thursday Night : Mango´s Glamour Party

Mango, (yes, Mango the fashion store), threw a party on thursday night, and I popped by with one of my bestfriends. Jenny!

Unlike me, Jenny isn´t clothes at all, but she was the one who heard about this and she invited me

The place was crowded with lots people, free drinks, very loud music, and a dj...
Soooo not Jenny´s scene!

There was a club vibe, and some girls - and guys - got really dressed up to go!

Anyway, the main reason for Jenny and me going to this event, was to get Jenny a new dress to wear to a wedding...

At first we seemed to have differing views on what she should get...

She picked this out first... but I wasn´t feeling it...

I instantly looked at it and said, "It´s kind of... Cinderella meets Heidi... in a brothel!"
And Jenny replied with a smile, "When you put it like that, I like it even better!" lol

Then I picked this out...

..but Jenny didn´t like that the circle pattern wasn´t clean-cut.

For a while, it wasn´t looking good. Everything that was remotely appropriate for a spanish wedding, was borderline.

In the end she did find something she liked though! Yeay!

She opted for this blue and creamy-white dress, eventhough she doesn´t like the bow and will remove it...

We also thought it would be cool to turn this strapless dress into a halter-neck, so she will get some navy ribbon, stitch it to the inside of the top of the dress, and then tie it up at the back of the neck. Its also great for added support and lift in the bust area, as well as guaranteeing that you will be "covered" the entire time that you are wearing it!

And what I buy?

Well... I wasn´t meant to buy anything, but this is ME we are talking about here, lol! Plus, I didn´t think anything would fit me. Oh how wrong I was!

After months of pinning over a vintage and/or ploka dot dress, I find this... in an XL... Plus a 20% discount... How on earth could I say no?

Did I take far too many photos of myself in this dress? Yes!

But this dress deserves to be showcased! Its ideal for a curvy body! It grabs on to all the right bits and is mega, mega cute! And to me it looks vintage-ee with a 50´s feel. - Ideally, I want to wear it with thick cat-eye style eye-liner and red lipstick, along with wavy hair and cute kitten heels.

Ooh la la!

Have I worn it out yet?

Of course, I have already worn it out! I wore it to work of all places! Still, I thought it was a bit low cut, so I wore a little black t-shirt under it to provide me with more coverage. It was also a bit chilly, I threw my little black ruffled sleeve cardy from Zara over it...

I really don´t like the cold! And the sun kept coming and going! Argh! (Hence the squinting)!

I want summer to get here already!

I also saw this little number... I thought it was quite me and could see myself wearing it over the summer with navy leggings and some cute sandals... It was very soft material and I thought the floral pattern was beautiful!

But it didn´t even want to get past my head! No joke! So I let it be and didn´t bother with it.

Besides, there was no contest with my new found polka-dot vintagey style dress in my eyes!
And that my lovelies, is all for now!

Much love,

Rebequita Rose!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Polka dot dress: Mango, 26 euros (with the 20% discount)
Grey blazer: Zara, 29.95 euros (Blog coming soon about that)
Black ruffle sleeved cardy: Zara, about 25 euros
Red scarf: From random shop, 10 euros-ish
Black t-shirt under dress: H&M - Cant remember the price
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