Polka dot Love

It takes an awful lot to annoy me...

...and right now my camera is doing a marvellous job of annoying me!

It does what it wants, when it wants, instead of doing what I tell it to do! 

 I put on the flash...

And there is no flash!

Also, every other photo or so seems to come out blurry...!

Tut tut!

But despite being annoyed with my camera, I´m still smiling in this little polka-dot dress I got from Mango the other night! And I´m really chuffed with these cute and mega comfy little black ballet pumps!

It´s just all so cute, girly, flirty and romanitc to me! - I only wish my camera would behave itself, and that the dress was a bit longer... Which is wierd, as I never seem to have issues with very short skirts or dresses normally...

Perhaps I should invest in a slightly longer black lace slip to go under this dress, to add length and make it more "mine"...?

Just a thought.


- - - - - - - - - -

Dress: Mango (Madrid), 26 euros (with a the glamour party´s 20% off)
Cardigan: (Held together at the front with a hidden safety pin) From H&M´s big sizes secetion years ago (Madrid) - Can´t remember price
Black Beaded Necklace: Chinos (Madrid), 2 euros
Black ballet pumps: Random Shoe shop (Madrid) 8.95 euros
Handbag: Primark (London) - Can´t remember the price.


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