1 Skirt + Blazer = 2 different Looks

I am a big believer in that all it takes to make one item of clothing suitable for almost any occasion, is just a question of using ones imagination a bit, and knowing how to work accessories!

I wore Look One to work in the morning...

And I wore Look Two in the evening to go out for dinner with a friend...

I have a confession to make though...

I wasn´t sure about the bow on the front of the bust, and thought the fake pearl necklace might have been a bit too much... Luckily the bow is a brouch that also doubles as a hairclip, so I ended up moving it to the side instead. If I had made more effort with hair and make-up for the photos of Look Two, you´d see clearly that the contrast between Look One and Look Two was much more drastic, but unfortunately, I didn´t get to take any photos of Look Two with full make-up as my camera battery died on me! - But I would like to do a make-up post one of these days, so please stay tuned for that!

I might to an OOTD post of what I am wearing today, but I won´t be able to get round to that ´til tonight!

That´s all from me for now though, my lovelies! So until next time,

Much Luv,

Rebequita Rose


Blazer: Zara, (Madrid) 29.95 euros Skirt: Zara (Madrid) I got this about four years ago and have no idea how much I paid for it White T-Shirt with Roses print: Lefties: (Madrid) 4 or 6 euros (I can´t remember now) Black ruffled sleeved top: Lefties (Madrid) 4 euros Fake Pearl necklace: Chinos (Madrid) 2 euros Bow Brouch/hair Clip: Chinos 2 euros


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