New Dress Number One : Pink Maxi

I just love it when I decide I want something new, but I don´t go hunting for it and then it just appears when I least expect it to! - Like someone waved a magic wand when I wasn´t looking...

In this case, that new thing was a Maxi Dress...

I´m sure that if anyone was looking out of their window when I hung this dress from a tree, and then whipped out my camera and started taking photos of it, they must have thought I was a complete a nutter! lol. Clearly, that didn´t stop me though!  - *wink wink*


I bought it from a little shop in Moncloa Metro station this afternoon, for only 9.95. I loved the style, the colouring and the pattern. Fuschia is one of those clolours that suits my almost wierd pale-yet-nearly-olivey-skin tone. lol.
They didn´t have a fitting room, but I was reassured that if it didn´t fit, I had 15 days to return it as long as I still had the receipt.

So I tried it on first chance I got!
I think it fits...!

Anything with this style top-half is usually too small for me, but this time the size was fine! Although I´d personally wear this with a top underneath, or safety-pin the front to not reveal too much cleavage.

I wish the "under-skirt" was the same length as the dress though... Instead, its a lot shorter.

I have yet to think of how to "style" this dress, and what I will wear it with, etc. But I have a feeling she and I will be getting on just fine! lol

Much love,
Rebequita Rose


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