My Perfect Blazer

I think I´ve mentioned in previous blogs how much I really wanted a new blazer. At first I was hesitant about getting one out here as I have many blazers back home in London, and buying similar new ones here just seemed like a waste of time and money. However, until now, I didn´t own a plain grey blazer, so when I found this little baby, I decided to just get it!

Its an XL from Zara, but its a perfect fit, and I thought it was mega cheap at just under 30 euros.

Its made of a material that some sportswear is made of, and has a bit of a stretch. My guess is that it would fit up to a 16-18, size body.

I don´t really have any major criticisims about this blazer, except the softness and stretchyness of the material makes the collar a bit unsteady. Other than that, I am one happy girly in this blazer.

They also had it in a beigey colour which sold out. I was told they were expecting more in, so if I am lucky enough to find one of those, chances are I´ll get that too, as I don´t own a beige blazer at all.

I have worn it quite a lot, but only have these photos of me in it with jeans.

Yes, I know, I´ve been slow and late getting this post up, but I am also a very busy bee in my day-to-day non-blogging life, and I appologize.

I´ll post a few outfit posts with this blazer at a later date, showing a few of the looks I have put together with this blazer, and also others I would like create in future.

Until then my lovelies,
Much love,

Rebequita Rose


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