OOTD: Owls and Yellow

I´m soooo happy its Friday night already! I am absolutely exhausted!

Anyway, as promised here my OOTD for today!

Have I ever told you how much I love the colour yellow? No? Well now you know...

Yes, it´s warm and sunny out here in Spain again! - Let´s see how long for this time!

I´m still loving my new Owl Necklace!
I just love Owls...

And of course, I wouldn´t be me if I wasn´t in my loyal, comfortable flats... as usual!

Ok, so maybe they are somewhat boring, but to me, they are cute and comfortable as can be, and that´s all I need to have happy feet! And like I have said before, happy feet equals a happy me!

And what about hair and make-up?

No make-up, and lazily straighten hair resulting in subtle, gentle waves.

<3 <3 <3

I think getting more creative with my photography... lol - Even if I do say so myself. *blush* I´m also feeling less shy and self-concious when taking photos for my blog these days, so I´m doing more outdoor pics. The good weather helps as well!

<3 <3 <3

And that was me today.

Casual. Simple. Comfortable. Practical.

My idea of heaven!

Much Love,
Rebequita Rose


Yellow cardigan: Zara (Madrid), about 7 euros on sale
White ruffle sleeved top: Lefties, (Madrid), 4euros
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins (I´ve had these for years)
Owl Necklace: Chinos, (Madrid), 2 euros
Shoes: A random little show shop, 6 euros

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