Mundane Monday in Fuscia frills and dreary Black

I have been told many times, by completely different people that I remind them of Mary Poppins.

Not because I look like her, becuase I don´t.
Not because I can do magic, because I can´t.
Not because I make up silly words like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, because I don´t.
But because of my usually imaginative, caring, patient, empathetic, maternal instincts.

The photos of me in this look, which I wore yesturday, just reminded me of that, because I can see my mother in me in all of these photos. Plus, this is something I think she would have worn when I was just a little girl. Maybe it´s true... Girls turn into their mothers as they get older, and boys turn into their fathers...

I don´t normally tuck my tops into my skirts/trousers, but this time I think it worked...

It´s really hot and sunny out here at the moment, so not all the photos came out quite right because of the amount of sunshine... (see below)

Yes, it was (and is) too hot for this outfit, but I survived...

And yes, blogging and taking photos is hard-work, even if it is fun!

See me smiling as I "work". - And yes, I do love the outdoors... *wink*

* * * *
Top - Momu, originally about 30 euros on sale
Skirt- Zara, I´ve had it for years. Can´t remember the price.
Cardy - I think I got this from some random market stall somewhere. I can´t remember exactly
Tights - H&M, grey tights. 7.95 euros, I think.
Shoes - Same old black ballet pumps.
Handbag - Blanco Accessories. I think it cost about 15 euros on sale last summer/autumn.
Scarf - Modalisa, I think it was 3.95 euros

* * * *

Until next time my lovelies,
Much love,
Rebequita Rose



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