HAIR TALK : Fringe vs No Fringe

Keep fringe, or bin it?

Without it...              With it...

I have had a fringe for about a year or so now, and I absolutely love it, despite the fact that it´s rather high maintance as my hair is a) naturally very curly, and b) grows extremely fast!

I still love having one though. Not only because I think it suits me, but also because I really hate my eye-brows and the fringe hides them! Yeay!

But now I am thinking of growing it out for the summer, and I don´t know if I should or not...


So what is a girl who cares a lot about her hair to do...? lol

In case anyone is wondering, no, I don´t dye my hair. It just seems lighter in one and darker in the other because of the lighting.

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