Hair Post One : From very curly, to a slight kink

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!
I´ve been wanting to do hair and beauty posts for a while now, so I thought I´d start by sharing with you guys how I get my hair from mega curly, to straight with a slight soft kink, like in the photo of the back of my head, below.

Hair is one of those things that most women seem to underestimate in their day to day life, when in fact, the way that you style your hair, has a huge impact on your overall look, and has the power to make or break your style. - The same also applies to accessories and make-up, but we can get into that some other day.

For now, I just want to talk about hair! lol
- - - - -

I am not a hairdresser, I have absolutely no desire to ever become a hairdresser, and I am also not a hair expert. This is simply how I style my hair, and it works for me.
Please note as well,  that hot hair appliances can be, and are, damaging to anyones hair, especially if not used properly. So please try to use heat protection sprays and follow a few simple tips to avoid excessively damaging your hair when styling it.

I "learnt" how to straighten my own hair after watching some excellent hairdressers straighten my hair in Venezuela, (when I have been there on holiday), as well as reading up on how to do it. (I´ve always been one of those girls who can figure out how to create almost any look or style just by taking a look at the finished result) I find most european hairdressers do a really bad job of straightening my hair because unlike venezuelan hairdressers, they are not acustomed to handing such thick, mixed, curly hair, so the only time I will get a hairdresser to straighten my hair in London or Madrid, is when I go in to get a haircut or trim, but that´s just to be sure that my hair has not been cut wonky! - And finally... Yes, my friends do often ask me to do their hair for them, and I oblige with pleasure!

- - - - - - -

A towel.
A medium round brush - preferably wooden.
A good hairdryer
Heat protecion spray.

Optional: Hair serum to avoid frizz (and add shine)
Optional: A product designed to facilitate hair straightening (to save time and make results last longer)
Optional: Hairspray to hold the style in place longer.
- - - - - - -

Let´s get started!

Step One:
I wash my hair using a shampoo desighned for my hair type, and then apply conditioner.
After washing and conditioning my hair (and rinsing it out thoroughly), I gently brush it through whilst its still soaking wet, and then very gently towel dry it a little bit to remove any excess water, leaving it almost damp.

(Styling the hair when soaking wet, or completely dry, apparently makes it more prone to damage)

I then apply some serum to the ends of my hair, (never the roots), and spray heat protector throughout.

Here are some of the products that work with my hair
I really like Diacora hairspray. I´ve been experimenting with quite a few brands of hairspray since I got here, and so far this is my favourite. Its cheap, I like the way it smells, and it holds my hair in place whilst still allowing natural movement.

Step Two:
After washing, brushing, removing excess water and applying the necessary hair products, and let it dry naturally for a little bit, I quickly divide my hair into "messy" sections using my fingers, holding up the section of hair I will work on later with a butterfly clip.

As I want a slight kink and an overall almost messy look, I do not divide the hair neatly with a comb, (I use my fingers instead), and I pick generous amounts to work on at any one time. (Unlike when I want a slightly, smooth straight finish, when I will use a comb and work on much smaller setions at a time)

I start from the bottom...
...and then work my way up.

I begin to blow dry in sections, with the hairdryer´s air always going in the same direction as the hair growth to avoid too much damage and make split end less likely, as well avoiding causing damage to the scalp.

Avoid putting the hairdryer too close to the hair for too long, as that´s a sure way to burn and damage your hair, meaning you will need to get it cut/trimmed very frequently. Only applying direct heat on select areas, very briefly. I usually do so on the ends, to mould the hair and bring out its shine. - I also make sure I try to keep the brush rotating to avoid burning it with the heat of the hairdryer. - I know it all sounds a quite complicated, but it isn´t really. If you keep to these few basic, easy "rules", you are much less likely to damage your hair than you would otherwise.
QUICK NOTE: Remember to be kind to your ends, especially the longer your hair is, as this is the "oldest" bit of your hair and is more likely to get damaged with heat, than the roots.

Already, you can get an idea of how the finish will turn out once you have completed that first section...

I then continue working up, taking more hair in sections, whilst always following those same rules as before!

I also make sure that I blow dry upwards, to avoid flatness, although I know that in this hot and humid climate, it will inevitably go flat, unless I leave it to dry naturally and just wear my natural curls.

(I´m ok with flat when its silky smooth straight, but with a bit a of a kink, I like to work with my hairs natural thickness and volume).

Although you can´t really see it in these photos, holding the brush at an angle and simultaneously almost twisting the hair in the process, is how I create the actual semi-curl/wave, whilst working with my hairs own natural curly texture...

if that makes sense...
Already you can really start to see how its turning out...
(I appologize for the poor lighting)
Again, I continue to work my way upwards...
...bringing down more sections of hair to blowdry...
Nearly done...
I continue do the same at the top, as I did at the bottom...
And of course, the fronts and the sides also need attention...
(I always look angry when I am concentrating on something, lol)
All-in-all, this would take me abot 20-30 minutes to do. Maybe even 15.

It might take longer if I don´t use the cream that is designed to facilitate hair straightening. Although the results aren´t very different, the effect seems to be longer lasting.

When its first completed, it just looks like a mess from the front...
...but a tiny bit more of serum on the ends, (especially since I need a trim), and a good brush through, and it will look a bit "tidier". - Remember, I don´t want it to look too tidy or too together though!

Sometimes, to add to the kink, I will put it up on the top of my head in a bun very briefly...
I usually find its an excellent way to keep my hair out of my way if I want to put some make-up on!

And the finished result is ususally something like this...

This is how I did my hair on the day that I wore my new H&M bolero last weekend!

And here is what my hair looked like after all of that!

(Click here to see the full post)


Oh, if you are wondering about my hair colour, (as so many seem to do), no I do not colour my hair. At all.

 My hair is dark brown, but in the light, (especially sunlight), it becomes a red-honey colour, which is why my hair looks different colours in all these photos, depending on where I am in relation to the light in my bathroom.

My baby cousins make me laugh every summer when they notice my hair looking red in the sun-light and start telling me I´m ginger, lol.

Finally, if you are wondering how curly my hair is naturally, click here to check out this previous post

And that my lovelies, is all from me for today.

Much luv´

Rebequita Rose


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