My new H&M lace bolero - What I wore lastnight...

Here is what I wore lastnight...

Check out my glorious, beautiful hairpins here! Argh! Seriously, I need to find a way of pinning my fringe back with decency!

I have no idea why I look so thin in the next photo.
I happen to think it´s hilarious though, as my head looks huge in comparison to the rest of me, hehe!

At least my head seems to appear in proportion to the rest of me in the next lot photos, lol...

Of course, I wore a strapless bra under this, as I was wearing a boob tube and any straps would have been visible through the lace on the bolero. Not cool!
I teamed this up with fishnet tights, and those loyal black ballet pumps...

And I wore these earrings for the first time...


As usual, I kept my make-up quite low-key. Natural enough for nobody to confuse me with a clown or a drag queen, but enough to make me go, "Ooh...", hehe!

After a very draining week, I just felt absolutely exhausted yesturday! And all I wanted to do lastnight was rest! Nothing more. Nothing less. Just rest... but then I got a last minute call from a friend who I hadn´t seen or spoken to in ages inviting me out... I came close to not going, but went anyway.

The night actually turned out alright in the end, considering that all I wanted to do at the time was throw on some baggy old PJ´s, and curl up in bed with a cup of black tea with honey and lemmon, and a good book for company.

Also, it turned out that I was over dressed for where we ended up going, but that´s ok, because I´d rather be slightly over-dressed, than very under-dressed for an event in most case scenarios anyway! lol

* * * *

Skirt: Same old skirt I´ve been blogging about a lot lately, from Zara.
Boob tube: Dorothy Perkins - Can´t remember the price
Lace Bolero: H&M - 19.95
Shoes: Same old black ballet pumps I´ve been wearing a lot of my latest blogs
Tights: Simple, basic, fishnet tights, which I think I got years ago from a market stall in London. Dón´t wear them very often at all.

* * * *

And that my lovelies, is all from me for now...

Much luv´
Rebequita Rose



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