Compañìa Fantástica 2in1 Floral Dresses

Whoever said fat girls just look like frumpy grannies in florals, was very wrong in my humble opinion!

I felt so lucky when I got my paws on these little cuties from Compañia Fantástica recently! - Especially after seeing almost exactly the same dress in Zara and really wanting it, but not being able to get it because it was too small for me, even in their biggest size!

At first glance these two dresses here, seem to be the same dress in different colours, but they´re not. They only have the same top half and shape, whilst floral pattern on the lower half is completely different on each one. See...

I´d walked past Compañia Fantástica many times, and always liked what I saw in their shop window, but always assumed nothing in there would fit me. I was so wrong...

I also love the fact that I didn´t get that wierd and unwelcoming look us fat girls sometimes get from shop assistants when we walk into a shop that doesn´t specialize in plus sizes. 

Here, the staff were just nice and helpful, not rude or patronizing...

And nobody pressured me into buying anything.

I bought what I liked, because I wanted to.

The lack of sleeves doesn´t bother me, but I do wish these dresses had pockets.

I love how they match perfectly with my Red-Rose Handbag (which I blogged about a little while back)! I love the fact that I now have the perfect excuse to put a flower in my hair thanks to these dresses... 
I love how I can wear them with my new cute and comfy black ballet pumps. I love how they match with both my new black beaded necklace, and fake pearl beaded necklace. I love how if I ever did want to cover my arms in these dresses, I could just throw on a cardy or a blazer, and they would still look cute!

I just love these little dressess!


- - - - - - -

Dresses: Compañia Fantástica (Madrid) 19.90 each
Handbags: See previous blog
Black beaded necklace: Chinos, 2 euros
Fake pearl beaded necklace: Chinos, 2 euros
Black Ballet Pumps: Random shoe shop, 8.95 euros
Headband with flower: Blanco accessories, 2.99


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