Uh oh...

I thought I´d blog about an outfit "gone wrong" today, lol...

Yes! - After my rant expressing my disapproval of what seems to be a 90´s fashion revival, and listing jeans with jeans (as well as jeans with demin) as one of my great dislikes, yesturday, I found myself wearing jean-leggings, with my jeans blazer! - Ay, ay ay! The irony... - Not that I think I always look flawless or anything like that, but I do consider this to be one of my worst choice combinations to date! (lol)

Here, check it out below...

In my defence, yesturday was about COMFORT, not "style". I was in a huge rush to get ready as I was running behind schedule and had to dash, (as usual), plus, I wasn´t going anywhere glam. So out I went in my "off key" choice of outfit, and a massive smile on my face, lol. - I thought it was a one-off...

Only today, I found myself doing it AGAIN! This time over my 2in1 dress... And of course, I never forget to wear everything with a smile! (lol)

Oh the shame! (lol)

Till next time...!

Much luv,

Rebequita Rose


- - - - - - - - -

Items worn in these photos:

Jeans blazer: Lefties
Red "dress": Peacocks
Jeans Leggings: Evans
Plain white plimsoles: Evans
Brown "satchel" bag: A gift
2in1 leopard print dress: Lefties
Belt: It came with a green tunic I bought from Dorothy Perkins about a year ago.

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