Rose Bags

From the moment I laid eyes on these bags in a little shoe shop about a week and a half ago, I instantly fell in love! I thought they were just adorable!

Plus! I had been wanting "original" yet girly little white and red bags for a while now, so I thought I´d treat myself to these! Needless to say, I bought them there and then! They came in several colours, but unfotunately, they didn´t have navy. (I think the navy ones had sold out).

Despite my love for these little bags, I did think, from the moment I got them, that they have to be teamed up rather carefully, as I think that if they are paired with the wrong outfit, they would seriously ooze tackiness and cheapness in excessively sickening doses! lol! But despite that, I like them a lot, and have worn them heaps.

I also like that they´re kind of versatile as well, as the straps are removable, (which is why I took the strap off the white one for the photos above), and they are practical. They have a back zip, and extra "pockets" inside.

Most of my friends who have seen them have also fallen in love with them, and have begged me to let them borrow them some time. There was only one friend who really did not like them at all! lol.

Still, while I love these little bags, I can see why some people would just hate them. They are excessively girly, a tad bit flamboyant looking and they are not leather; but I really love them anyway, and I think they are "different" whilst still being girly and feminine.

I think they would look quite cute with my new Lefties Rose T-Shirt,(see photo below)teamed up with my black H&M legging with the side zip, my jeans blazer and white plimsoles, for those "lazy" days when I want to keep it casual and comfy, but still have a touch of girliness... And if I want to wear them more dressed up, maybe team it up with my black strapless dress...

(This photo was taken in a rush)

I might look at these bags in the future and think, "What on earth was I thinking when I bought these? They´re hideous!" lol. But I like them right now, so I´m going to induldge and enjoy until then...

For now though my lovelies, that´s all from me!

Much luv,

Rebequita Rose

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