OOTD : Zig-Zag Monday

Today I wore...

I´ve had the skirt for about two years now, (I think). Only today was the first time I had worn this skirt again in ages!

As you can see in the photos above, I wore it with a cream top, a black waistcoat, black leggings, (yes, I wear these leggings all the time and as if they were tights), black necklace and my good old flat black boots (which are on their death bed, but the less said about that the better!) - Oh! And a gold-buckle black belt which came with a green tunic I got from Dorothy Perkins...

I got this skirt from Dorothy Perkins as well. I honestly can´t remember how much I paid for it, but I guess it might have been around 20-30 pounds. (Sorry, I´m using a spanish keypad and have no idea how to get the pound sterling sign).

Speaking of things "playing up". I´m a bit annoyed with my camera. Sometimes it takes photos that are crystal clear. Other times they come out a bit blurry. I wish I knew why...

Ah well. I guess it could be worse. I could always just not have a camera... lol

The only make-up I wore, was a very thin line of liquid eye-liner on my top lid, a thin line of pencil eye-liner on the inside of my bottom lid, mascara, and nothing more.

Overall, I thought I looked a bit "old" in this outfit, but it was appropriate for where I was going; and I did get a lot of compliments today which is never unpleasant... lol

Until next time,

Much luv,

Rebequita Rose

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