OOTD: French Sailor girl in red & navy, perhaps...?

This is what I wore today...

For a little while now I´ve been wanting to experiment with this idea of putting together patterns-with-patterns, particularly horizontal stripes with a floral pattern(s).

Still, whilst its a look I can really appreciate in fashion photos and on other people, its pretty much a look which is outside of my comfort zone for myself, so I hadn´t exactly embraced it, until today that is!

In fact, I wasn´t even planning on going multi-patterned today!

It just... happened!.

But it felt fun!

Perhaps this outfit would be more "blog-worthy" if the floral pattern was much less subtle, but like I said before, this look is A) not something that was completely within my comfort zone, and B) wasn´t pre-planned anyway. It literally just came together...

First, I just threw on my navy and white horizontal striped top (which has appeared on this blog a few times now), with my new red pencil skirt from festa.

Speaking of festa, very briefly... I love festa.

Festa reminds me a bit of Dorothy Perkins back home in London. They do everything in both small and large sizes, and its all on the one rail in store! There is no smaller, limited, "special big size" section hidden away at the back or basement of the store. Also, their prices are reasonable and the quality of their clothes is good.

So anyway, going back to this outfit...

I was dressed and ready to go in just my navy and white striped top, red festa skirt, grey tights and grey shoes. Then I thought I´d throw on a grey scarf. Only my grey scarf was out on the line drying... And I only have the one grey scarf...

So I went through my other scarves... red... white... blue with red dots... and then I think, "Why not try a floral scarf to match the stripes on the top and see how it looks!"

So I whip out my floral scarf that I bought over a year ago in Rome when I was there on holiday, but then my housemate saw me.

She said it looked fine, but that she had a scarf which she thought would look much better, and so she gave me this on loan for the day...!

I think she was right... Bless ´er!

I have no idea where she got it from, or how much she paid for it, but if anyone is particularly curious, I can always try to find out for you...

As for my shoes, for the billionth time now, (and sorry to be so repetitive), I am not a shoe girl. - And still not knowing where to go for a wide size 41 ladies shoe, here in Spain, its just as well!

The only "heels" I wear are wedges, and I own a small number of shoes which are in select choice "neutral-easy-to-colour-co-ordinate- colours, and simple designs, so that they can go with pretty much almost any outfit!

Here are my grey wedges... They are kinda cute and very, very comfortable to wear. I can move my toes about it them, so they literally fit like a dream! Although it felt a bit wierd to wear shoes instead of boots today, as I literally lived in boots for the last few months...!

I wasn´t having the best hair day either... (I hope nobody noticed that bit, lol).

And that my lovelies, is everything there is to say on my outfit today...

I can´t say or promise OOTD posts everyday, but I thought it might be fun to post a few reguarly-ish to show a bit of my day-to-day look!

Oooh, before I forget! If anyone has noticed that my photos seem to be a bit blurry, you´re right. They are! A friend used my camera a few weeks back and adjusted the settings to capture a particular style photo, and I don´t know how to put the settings back! Sorry! But I´m sure I´ll figure it out! Lol

Much luv,

Rebequita Rose



Red pencil skirt
Festa, 14.95 euros (on sale)
Navy and white horizontal striped top/dress
"Chinos", about 12 euros
Grey Tights
H&M, 7.95 euros
Grey Wedges
Random little shoe shop, 10 euros (on sale)
Scarf with stripes and flowers
Lent to me by one of my sweet housemates
No make-up at all

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