OOTD: Curly Floral Friday

I wore the blue one of this today with my natural curls...

I have it in red and blue... (They don´t come with the belts btw)!

Still, although I prefer them belted, I don´t always wear them belted...

The first time I wore the blue one, it was a last minute thing, and I just paired it up with a pair of plain brown leggings and then threw a long beige H&M cardy over it. (Oh, how exciting! - NOT!) - OH! And my old long Oasis necklace... (which I think it super cute!)

As for my hair...!

Today is one of those very rare occassions when I embrace my natural curls...

I don´t actually like wearing my hair curly.

People think it looks cute, but I find it feels uncomfortable.

It is far more high maintance than when its straightened, is far less flattering to my face, (I don´t like how curly hair looks with a thick straight fringe, so I tie the fringe back and end up exposing my eye-brows which I don´t like)...

...and you really don´t need to look too cloesly to notice it SHRINKS; a LOT! lol

Still, I shouldn´t complain. I know I´m "lucky" to be able to wear it both ways!

PS: One little "secret" is, that high neck tops always make the chest area appear larger...

Untill next time,

Much luv´,

Rebequita Rose


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