Its painful being Big Foot

I´ve always had big feet. Even when I was a baby my parents were told by the doctor to choose my shoes wisely. By the time I was about 10 or 11 years old I could no longer wear childrens shoes as everything was too small for me, whilst my mother was very reluctant to let me wear grown-up shoes before my time. Alas, my body´s growth rate and my mother obviously had different ideas, which resulted in a lot of frustration and created very limited options for me...

Still, I have never had a big foot complex; perhaps because my mother always pointed out to me that my big feet are simply appropriate and in proportion with the rest of me, and explained that I would look rather odd if I had this big tall body and then these tiny little feet at the other end of me, lol. (I think her mother said something like that to her when she was younger).

Today I have a wide size 8 foot. In London, I usually tend to buy my shoes from Evans, as they are quite current, young, comfortable and wide fitting. I´m not a shoe girl, I never have been, so for me, a few plain pairs of shoes that work with most styles and match with most colours is all I need. As long as my toes are free to move about, my feet are happy. And happy feet, equals happy me!


Spring is approaching, and I have literally lived in the same three of four pair of flat boots for months now. Its time to switch footwear style, which is where these shoes come into the agenda...

They´re cute, aren´t they?

I found them in a shoe shop in Principe Pio (a shopping centre here in Madrid). I really liked them and they were very cheap. I tried them on, walked around the shop in them for a bit, thought they were a tad bit narrow but not that exactly didn´t fit either, and asked if they would "stretch" with wear. The shop assistant assured me that they definately would. I believed her, so bought them and went home feeling very excited about them.

I wore the brown pair that afternoon. They were ok. They weren´t the most comfortable shoes ever, and my toes were not that free to move about, but they were bearable. Then I got home and realized I had red marks all over my feet from the pressure of the shoe on my foot, and for about three days, my feet were swollen. I tried to wear them again, but my feet were screaming, NO!

Then about a week later, (once my feet didn´t seem as swollen), I tried to see how it would go with the black pair. I had only had them on for about 25mins, indoors, when I realized my toes, which were being squished together), were feeling a bit numb and cold. I instantly just took them off and changed into something else.

Maybe my feet are "badly educated", but foot comfort is not something I am willing to compromise for ANYTHING in this world - Especially not fashion! - That´s part of why I don´t wear heels. I find them uncomfortable and painful. Wedges are my thing!

Speaking of Wedges, I have managed to find wedges out here that DO fit. In fact they are a tad bit big for me.

These were on sale for only 10 euros, so I got them there and then. A few days later the black pair were put on sale for 10 euros as well, so I got those too.

They may not be the prettiest, most exciting shoes I ever laid eyes on, but they are comfortable and I think work with most outfits...

Buying shoes in Spain is proving to be a gamble for me. I still haven´t found anywhere that does wide fitting shoes. I am really missing Evans!

If I find any ladies wide fitting shoe shops out here, I will let you know!

For now, this big foot doesn´t have much of a smiley face on her...

Much luv,

Rebequita Rose


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