Horizontal Stripes and Demin on a fat girl

I´ve been meaning to blog about horizontal stripes for a while now. Now I am...

My whole life I have been told that fat people can´t wear horizontal stripes because it makes them look wider. Something about eyes moving across, rather than up and down... Well, I´m a fat girl who wears horizontal stripes and who doesn´t think it´s that big a deal!

I´ve been wearing stripes with demin a lot lately...

I just love this little H&M skirt so much right now. Its just so cute and fun! - Although I think it looks a bit "Alice in Wonderland-ish" with that have ruffled sleeve cardy... lol

and I´m not sure I´m liking it with just the white top...

But I am loving that skirt!

I don´t have a very defined waistline, or very broad hips, and I like how this skirt makes that much less obvious!

It was literally the last one in stock when I got it! Lucky me! Although when I first got it I was a bit worried it would be a bit diffucult to match colour-wise, but so far its been fine! I think it might look cute with red... But I haven´t tried out that look just yet... lol

Moving swiftly on...

Skirt aside, I got a demin shirt-dress from H&M very recently.

It was originally 39.95 euros, but I got it for only 15 euros! WHAT A BARGAIN! It was literally the last one on the rack, and I got it despite the fact that it is a size 50, which is a few sizes too big for me.

Here´s the label!

Don´t worry though. It wasn´t an impulse purchase, and it wasn´t just the price that was screaming at me to get it. I got them to put it aside for me overnight so I could sleep on it. I then headed home, didn´t think about it, then next day went back for it. Before buying it, I headed straight to the changing rooms to see if I still liked it on, and guess what? I didn´t like it. I loved it!

I think its okay that its a few sizes too big as I think its meant to fit big, and if it isn´t, it doesn´t matter. I like how it fits and its mega-comfortable on! Besides, it has a tie back detail which when I tie it back, it pulls it in at the side, creating the illusion of a defined waistline, and masking the fact that its a few sizes too big on me. Which comes in handy, because I´m not walking around looking like I am wearing a sack, and I know I won´t always have to reach out for a belt to sinch it in before I head out. Although I will be wearing this with a belt at some point!

On a slightly different note, I getting bored of taking all my outfit photos in my living room, so I thought I´d take some outdoor ones seeing as I was wearing an outfit today that I wanted to blog about anyway...

Only the photos came out in really bad quality! Lol Here is one of those photos... Although I had it "Buttoned-up" here, I think I could probably wear it open as an oversized demin shirt-jacket... I´d have to try it to see though...

I teamed it up with my black and white long sleeved top-dress under it, and then folded up the demin shirt-dresses sleeves to reveal the stripes.

I got the striped top from a chinos, which I have in both black and white, and navy and white. The necklace I bought months ago, but rarely wear it if I am honest, although I do love it and it has what I consider to be an almost "army" thing going on there. The leggings are just the same black legging that you see in a lot of my posts, and the boots are same flat brown boots I have worn in blog posts before. (Which I should probably throw out soon...)

Below is a photo of that long striped top-dress (with my jeans-leggings from evans and a cute little belted-up cardy)

This should give an idea of how long it is...

Some people see it as a top-dress like I do, whilst others see it as a long-top... What do you think?

Oh, and before I forget, here is the tie back detail on that demin shirt-dress...

I know, it still had the label on in this photo, lol. And yes, I did remember to take off the label before going out in public wearing it, lol...

Actually, if you notice, I am wearing it there with a pink and black animal print scarf. I´m not sure why but I keep envisioning this demin shirt-dress thing looking really cool with a super sized silky animal print scarf! - If I see any around, I´ll probably get it, lol

Animal prints are one of those things that I have never really worn as I have never really been a big fan of them. I have always considered animal prints to be quite takcy, but they seem to be growing on me these days, so I have taken to experimenting with them a bit! lol But not as much as I have with stripes...

I am also loving these wierd but adorable almost dress/babydoll-like tops that I got from the Chinos, for only 15 euros each!

I got one in black and white, and another in navy and white.

No, I don´t know why that photo came out with such a red tone... Here it is below in full length...

I know... those photos are a bit cringe-worthy, with their, (whiney-tone) "Look me, aren´t I a pretty little good girl", vibe. I promise you, I´m not that girly, and that really wasn´t what I was going for either with these pics; its just how they came out and this is what I have to work with, so there... :p lol

BTW!! - Yes, I got my hair cut recently, and no, I don´t always wear my fringe... lol...

Well folks, that´s all from me, for now.

Here is a list of the clothes, prices and where I go them from:

White ruffled sleeved top: 4 euros from Lefties
Blue and white horizontal striped skirt: H&M, 19.95 euros
Demin shirt-dress: H&M, 15 euros reduced from 39.95Long striped top-dress thing: 12 euros (each) from the "chinos"Striped dress-style top: 15 euros (each) again from the "chinos"
Clock-necklace: 9.95 from BershkaDemin blazer: I got that years ago from Lefties and can´t remember how much it cost.
I don´t think I have missed anything...
Bag: A gift

Much love,

Rebequita Rose


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