One of my outfits for when spring is taking its time...

I want spring to get here once and for all.

Right, NOW!

I really do not like these days when winter is departing, and spring is arriving, as the mornings and evenings are horribly chilly, whilst the days are frustratingly hot! Not only because this sort of weather is really uncomfortable, but because it makes it incredibly diffucult to decide what to wear each morning...! (And if you thought it was always warm and sunny in Spain, well, it´s not. I´m sorry!)

On days like these though, I usually find myself wearing something a bit "summery" under something warmer, so I can remove and add layers accordingly, without compromising "style" or "modesty." But its a lot harder to achieve that balance than it sounds... More often than not, at least a vague notion of what to wear has to be thought up the night before to save time and avoid stressing out first thing in the morning...


Luckily for me today, I bought myself a few treats yesturday, and was very eager to wear a few of those today! So rather than just completely decide what to wear, I just had to decide what to wear my new items with! Yeay!

I am really into this romantic almost nautical girly look that I keep seeing in shop windows, so when I saw a grey and white vertically striped skirt, (which at first glance passes off as light blue/gre´-ishy colour), I just had to have it!

I have also been wanting a gold coloured long chain for a while now, but hadn´t seen anything I really liked. Until yesturday! I saw one I really liked, with a shell shaped pendant. YEAY!

So I decided to wear them as you see below...

- - - - - - - - - -

And here is a list of everything I wore, where it came from and how much it cost...

Skirt: H&M 9.95 euros (Full price)
Sleeveless vest top: El Corte Inglés (can´t remember price, but it was full price)
Navy ruffled sleeved cardy: H&M 19.95 euros(full price)
Grey Tights: H&M 7.95 euros (full price)
Flat navy boots: "Chinos" 9.95 euros(on sale)
Necklace: Blanco Accessories: 2.95 euros (Half price on sale)
Grey Scarf: A gift from my cousin from an artesana shop in Los Molinos

- - - - - - - - - -

Even though this outfit is rather plain and unexciting, it didn´t just come together instantly. I found the skirt diffucult to colour co-ordinate - Either the skirt really is just an odd colour to match, (despite seeming rather neutral to me), or the messy climate is playing havoc with my imagination! lol.

As I was getting ready, not only was I having a colour co-ordination crisis, but I was also having a bit of a shoe crisis. I was torn between deciding whether to wear boots, or shoes. In the end I decided to go with the boots as I can´t stand having cold feet. Not only that, but it seems to rain quite randomly these days as well, and I really can´t stand having feet that are both cold and wet! (Sigh) But seeing as in my world, comfort always has to come before "beauty", I opted for the practicality and comfort of my boots! I guess I didn´t look too dreadful though, as I got lots of compliments today, and even better yet, I inspired one girl to go purchase this exact same skirt. She actually made a comment about thinking that these sorts of skirts were not meant for fat girls, but after seeing it on me, she realized this is not true. (This girl and I are about the same size, build and shape). I have to say, that made my day!

Going back to the skirt... (and necklace): (Here is a "close-up")

Although this skirt itself it could be considered to be quite dull, boring, etc, I like quite a few things about it. I really like the shape of this skirt, and elasticated waist means it pretty much fits any size! I also love the the colour "tease", the almost "crinkly" feel of the material, the almost "pleated" shape, and just the overall style. Yet there is one thing I´m not entirely happy with. The length. However, I like this skirt and the overall look enough to let that one go.

To be fair though, this isn´t a look I would go for on a daily basis, but it was comfortable, I felt girly, it was adaptable to the contradictory climate of the day, and most importantly, I inspired at least one other plus size girl to try something she most probably would have written off as something she likes but wouldn´t try because its "not meant for fat girls"; so for me today, this outfit was a win-win choice.

And so there you have it. What I wore today to get me through "extreme" climates today!

Until next time, much love,

Rebequita Rose!


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