Quick ANTI Spring 2010 Fashions Rant!

Today I found myself skimming over an article on MSN.com about this springs fashions, and I have to say, I am tad bit put-off by what I saw.

I think this is meant to be some sort of 90s revivial or something. (Don´t quote me on that though).

Here is the link the article if you would like to see it for yourselves: http://style.uk.msn.com/fashion/photos.aspx?cp-documentid=152699528

But basically, socks with sandals/high heels are in, as is jeans wear from head to toe, dungarees, bumbags, clogs, oh, and wearing underwear as part of our outerwear. - I have to say, I am particularly put off my the return of clogs and bumbags.

None of these looks are really my cup of tea, except maybe with the underwear look, and even then, I can´t see myself walking out of my house in a corset that looks like underwear with just a blazer over it! - This just brings to my mind scenes of a very embarassed Rachel from Friends getting "caught" in just a slip and desperately trying to pass it off as the latest fashion! - I am not in the mood to start explaining to people, "I swear, this is not my underwear. Honestly! This is just me embracing the latest fashion!" - You know?

Oh, and as for the socks and heels look, I have seen girls make it look really cute, but even then, generally speaking, its not something I can see myself wearing, and which I think most women would look anything but cute in.

Anyway, this isn´t meant to be some nasty blog, its just meant to be me expressing my dislike about what designers are dictating for this springs fashions!

Still, I do wonder if I will see anything that will make me change my mind about these trends...?

Is anyone else currently not a fan of these looks either?

I´d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on these looks!

In the meantime, here is that scene from Friends...

Until next time,

Much love,

Rebequita Rose.

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