Next Weeks Blog Challange!!

Ok guys! So yes, I know, I posted a blog this weekend about what I wore to my friends housewarming; but I still have other blogs, (which I find way more exciting), that I meant to post ages ago, and just couldn´t!

So here is my aim for next week: To post the following blogs:

- One dress. Two Looks (+), Part 2
- Horizontal Stripes
- My new H&M floral dress from their Garden Collection
- Accessories: Jewellery, shoes and other accessories...

So... Fingers Crossed!


For now though, I will you with some images of how I wear my (new-ísh) Promod Tunic-Dress. Its very subtely striped in navy and dark grey, with a "knot" detail on the "neck".

I prefer it with the jeans, personally. I have had friends say they prefer it as a dress, as with the jeans its fattening, but I just laugh. I don´t care if I look fat. I am fat! And I don´t appologize for it, and I certainly don´t dress to look slim! I dress how I like to dress, and if I think it suits me, and it´s appropriate for where I am going to go in it, and finally,(and most importantly), if I feel comfortable in it, I am going to go with it! :P Hehe!

So for now, until next time my lovelies, much luv,

Rebequita Rose

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