It´s been a while...

Hey guys! I just wanted to check-in with you all since I havent posted anything in ages. I have been so tied up with other things that I simply haven´t had the time or energy to post the blogs I have been wanting to post for ages now!

I have however, been doing lots of clothes shopping recently, (as usual)! So hopefully, there will be lots and lots of blogs coming along...!!!

Just for record...

I have all the different looks for that green-empire-optional-hitch dress ready, I just have to photograph and explain them now, so that will be my first blog to get done - Fingers crossed!

I also managed to get that navy puffy sleeved cardy from H&M weeks ago. I have worn it everywhere - To work and to play! And I absolutely love it! - So I´ll write a blog about that too!

At the moment I am still craving a blazer! I have seen a few around, but they all disappoint me in some way :( But hey! If I find one that doesn´t disappoint, I´ll let you know!

Oooh! I´m also really into horizontal stripes at the moment, (although I I know I´m a bit late with the stripes thing, but hey); so I´ve been thinking about writing a blog about how I do stripes :) And YES! Us fat girls CAN rock horizontal stripes!

For now though, I´m going to leave you with what is now one of my favourite outfits. I know these are not a great photos, but hey!

* Long blue shirt-dress - 12 euros from a street stall here in Madrid
* Black leggings - Can´t remember how much I paid, but I got them from a street market in London
* Flat brown boots - 60 euros from a shoe shop here in Madrid
* Blue and white floral scarf - 3.95 from Modalisa (an accessories shop in Madrid)
* Housemates guitar (optional)
* Floral Bracelet - Evans (in London)- I think it was either 8 or 12 pounds
* Wide brown cloth headband (to keep unruly fringe back on a rather bad hair day) - Again, I got this from a street Market in London. I think it was about 2 or 3 pounds.

See? You don´t have to spend a fortune on clothes JUST because you are plus sized!

Until next time, Much love,

Rebequita Rose


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