My house warming outfit...

I love blogging, and I dont want to have big gaps between blogs, so here goes a little blog about a recent outfit...

I recently went to a friends house-warming. I knew the atmosphere was going to be very laid-back and informal, so I kept it very, very simple, but I still wanted to be me! So here is what I wore...

Light green shirt dress: 12 euros from a street stall (I also have this in blue)
Black leggings: From a street market in London
Cowboy boots: Reduced from 40 euros to 10 euros at a small random shoe shop in Madrid
Black/Very dark grey Cardy: 6 euros from Zara sale rack
Black belt with gold buckle: It came with a green pleated tunic I bought from Dorothy Perkins about a year ago.


Make-up: I only wore eye-liner, mascara, a bit of blusher, and blistex as lip gloss. I didnt wear any foundation, face powder or eye-shadow.

Hair: (This is my usual hair straightening routine):

First, I washed and conditioned my hair, as well as letting it dry a bit naturally, but not completely. Then I applied heat protector spray and divided it into sections. Then, with a big, round wooden brush, I started drying and straightening from the back of my head, working my way up towards the front - (With the air of the blowdryer always flowing in the same direction as the hair growth and the brush constantly being rotated). Then, with a smaller round brush, I got to working on my fringe. Once I was done and my hair had had a chance to cool down, I went over it with my flat rion, again starting from the back and working my way up towards the front again. When it came to my fringe, I went over it with my mini hair straightner, instead of my standard size flat iron, as I find it easier and much more effective. When that was done, I set it with extra hold hairspray.

If you are wondering why I use both a hair dryer and a flat iron, its because my hair is naturally very curly and very thick, so just blow drying alone is usually not very effective, unless I want a slightly wavy look not lokng after finishing, and then most likely, a head full of frizz by the end of the night or the end of the day! lol!

And that´s it from me for today!

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