Wish List: Navy, baby!

First of all, I have to appologize. It looks like this weekend I am not going to be able to do Part 2 of my "One dress. Two looks" blog. But I promise I will do it within the next few days!

For now, I just want to share my current "wish list" with you...


For quite a long time now, I have really been wishing that someone would make a ruffle sleeved cardy in navy. Then, very recently, I was walking past an H&M shop, when I noticed one on display in their shop window, over a really cute navy and white polka-dot top. It instantly made me smile! I want them both!

Here are some photos I took of the shop window... (And Yes, I always take my camera everywhere with me)!

And here is my close-up...

I really like polka dots, but only when in Navy with white polka dots, and Red with white polka dots. I think its cos I consider polka dots to be a bit "vintage", and I absolutely love vintage!

I still love the ruffle sleeve cardy look, and I want a navy one this time so I can colour co-ordinate a few bits and bobs with it!

I´m hoping its not a top stitched to the cardy, although it didn´t look like one of those to me at the time. Sadly, I was in a rush and couldn´t stop to go in and do some investigating; and I haven´t had any time to do that this weekend either, but I do plan to do so next week, and fingers crossed, my wish will come true and I can blog all about it then!

And that´s all from me for today, folks!

Hopefully my next blog will be Part 2 of "one dress. Two looks."

Untill then my lovelies, kindest thoughts and wishes to you all!

Rebequita Rose, xXx

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