Sequins and Puffy Sleeves

Here is an outfit, (nearly two), made up almost exclusively of items purchased at H&M in Madrid. This didn´t happen on purpose though; its just how it worked out. Anyway. I really love how this all comes together. The colours are not impecably matched, but I think it works anyway. I also think its very feminine looking. There is something smart about this look, and I think the sequins on the skirt makes it very night-friendly. - BTW, I prefer this look with the cardy, rather than without.

Below is a list of what I am wearing here, where it came from, and how much it cost:

- Cream T-Shirt: H&M, can´t remember price
- Grey ruffled sleeve cardigan: H&M, about 20 euros
- Navy sequined skirt: H&M, 10 euros on sale (It originally cost about 30 euros if I am not mistaken)
- Tights: H&M, about 8 euros
- Shoes: El Corte Inglés, 50 euros I think
- Neckalce: Random accessory shop in Pueblo Nuevo, Madrid, 1.50 euro

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I´ve only ever worn the skirt out once, (at night, obviously), but I think I will definately wear it again a few more times. I have a thing for mostly wearing skirts with pleats, hitches, and other volumizing effects, so this straight pencil skirt is quite a rarity in my wardrobe! Like I said before, I bought it on sale, and I love it, which just goes to show that avoiding the sale rack is not always a wise move. I wasn´t entirely sure about it when I bought it, but then decided to keep it as I liked how it looked with a cardy over it, and had wanted something with sequins for quite a while anyway, and hadn´t found anything else with sequins that I liked enough to buy and wear! - I also think a blazer would look amazing over it! Sadly I don´t have any blazers in Madrid, so I´ll either have to keep an eye out for one when I next out and about browsing the shops, or, bring the ones I have in London out with me next time I am home!


I wear the cardy a LOT! Both for work and play! I find it comfortable, warm and flattering. Really can´t fault it, except that maybe it would be nicer in a softer material, but other than that, I love it!


The tights I am also absolutely in love with. I love that they seem to be indestructable! It´s seems impossible for them to rip or tear! Again, I wear them to both work and play! Plus they are a perfect fit which is again, priceless, as I usually struggle to find tights that are a perfect fit!


The shoes I have had for many years now, and you will see them over and over again in my blogs. I bought them at El Corte Inglés. They have a wedge heel, so I can walk in them just fine. They are round at the front, so my toes don´t hurt in them. I don´t think they have ever been in, or out, of fashion, and I have no problem still wearing them after all these years!


The T-Shirt is just a plain t-shirt. I like that its cut with a shape, rather than a square. Its something very versatile, in that I can wear it with something fairly dressy like this, or just jeans and trainers.


I didn´t have time to straighten my hair lastnight or today, (photo was taken this afternoon), so I just straightened the fringe and put the rest in a side ponytail, as my hair had gotten huge! - Make was just eyeliner, mascara... and I think that was about it!

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Questions, suggestions and comments are always welcome... :)

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