One Dress. Two looks +. (Part 1)

I´d like you to meet my new dress!

I´m in love!

Here are just a few reasons why...

She comes in one size, but stretches to fit most, in a "cut" which I believe is meant to be flattering for all body shapes, and is really comfortable to wear.

The colour is quite neutral, so is fairly easy to colour co-ordinate with other items of clothing.

She´s versatile! When worn alone, she´s a simple, but cute and girly empire dress, suitable for everyday wear. When accesorized, she can be dressed up for a more individualized look, and/or for slightly more "special" occassions.

However! My favourite feature of all, as I am a major lover of "hitches", is that today she can be a hitched empire dress, and tommorow she can be a regular, non-hitched empire dress. How? Why? Because she has "strings" on the inside bit that you can either tie up to create the hitches, or untie to remove them. Very cool indeed!

And here is the dress...

And for those of you who don´t know what the difference between "hitched" and "non-hitched" is, below is a photo that speaks for itself... (I appologize for the creases and the "bad hair" btw)

I usually don´t like repeating outfits, but I love this dress so much, and playing around with accessories to create a different look each time, and also make her look very "me", that I could wear her everyday! Really! :)

Making her mine...

One of the things I have done so far to vary the look of this dress, is wear it with a waistcoat that I recently got on sale at Zara. It Probably doesn´t sound like a great idea to put a waistcoat over this dress, but I like it!

Here, take a look at the photos below...

Like? Dislike?

I think it even looks like the waistcoat is actually part of the dress! And yes, I like that idea too! No, its not dressed-up with the waistcoat. I know that already. But I think it makes it different and my own.

One idea that I have in mind to "dress it up", is to wear it with my hair in a big side bun, or a one sided french-braid (and maybe even throwing in a flower or two). I would also add to that a bit of "fancy" make-up, some cute little shoes, and a cute "frilly" little handbag.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I shall post a "Part 2" blog later in the week, when I have a bit more free time to create those "dressed-up" looks and also take some photos to show you!

Until then, much Love, Rebequita Rose


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SHOP: Linea Cero (Madrid)
PRICE: 24 euros
COLOUR: Green, but available in other colours including black.

SHOP: Zara
PRICE: 10 Euros on sale (originally 29.99)
COLOUR: Beige and brown

PRICE: 7.95 Euros
COLOUR: Greeny/Greyish colour

SHOP: A local "chinos"
PRICE: Can´t rememeber, but most probably 2.50 Euro, max.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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