What my style tends to be like...

Here is a small list of a few of my "fashion preferences", just to give you a vague idea of what my style tends to be like, for now...

As you can see, its nothing outrageous and its usually quite girly. I seem to mostly like florals, frills, trinklets and pearls... but I do like to add an "edge" when I can.

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I like coats that are "shapely", and almost "dress like". This one is from H&M in Madrid, but I also have a very similiar Khaki/stone coloured one from Zara.

I love hitched, ruffled and pleated skirts. This hitched skirt is from Dorothy Perkins in London, and I have it in both khaki and navy. Actually, I recently bought a gorgeous hitch dress from Linea Cero in Madrid which I plan to blog about soon!

I love scarves, pashmina´s, etc, and I also really love waistcoats! (On both men and women) - This grey scarf was a gift from a cousin, the knitted waistcoat is from H&M. I also have the exact same waistcoat in grey which I very rarely wear. I bought my latest waistcoat a few days ago. It came off the sale rack at Zara! I´ll blog about it along with my new hitch dress, especially since I love them teamed up together!

- My other latest "fashion-fetish" is ruffled upper sleeves. This is my grey ruffled sleeved cardy from H&M. I also have a black one from Zara.

I am not afraid to wear dresses. This red one below is from Tintoretto, with a black vest top underneath it to a) preserve my modesty and b) add an extra layer as it was absolutely freezing that night!.

Here is a short, velvety dress I recently got from one of my local "chinos"...

I also really like floral patterned dresses... I can´t remember exactly which shop I got this particular dress from, but I know it was a little shop in London. I bought the jean blazer years ago in Lefties in Madrid, the brown belt is from Accesorize in London, and the long necklace is from Oasis, also in London. The Cowboy boots are from a little shoe shop near Liverpool Street Station in London, not Evans (wierdly enough)!

Although sometimes I can be found in just jeans and a top... These jeans are from Momu, the blouse is from H&M, as is the handbag, whilst I got the scarf from a little accessories shop near the place where I work a few months ago, but saw it a few days ago in Blanco Accessories...

I love my fringe, although it is very high maintanance, I don´t always wear it,and it grows out very quickly!

And I have a bit of a thing for hats every now and again...

Although I don´t always wear make-up, my fave make-up brand in Madrid, is Deborah! I especially love their eye-shadows! Below are a few photos of how far I usually go with my make-up. My eye-lashes are real btw. I have never warn false eye-lashes of any sort in my life.


- I don´t like wearing all black, or all white.

- I can´t imagine what life would be like without leggings!

- I love accesories! Belts, bags, querky umbrellas, etc!

- I rarely buy shoes from anywhere other than Evans because of the wide fit. And, I only wear flats or wedges. - Although! A friend did inform me recently that New Look back home is doing wide fitting shoes as well. I haven´t tried them myself, so can´t comment on what they are like or anything. But, if anyone else knows, please comment and let us know! Thanks!

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So that`s all from me for now! I will try and write a third blog soon!

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